Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FIREBACK: Ballet Corella


From the NY Times review quote:
Finally, he, his sister, Herman Cornejo and five other dancers led the first New York performance of Christopher Wheeldon’s exciting “DGV (Danse à Grande Vitesse).” Although this did not feature showoff turns and leaps, the audience, quite rightly, gave it the evening’s loudest and longest ovation. Wrong! it was not “exiting" I was there. The work was disoncertingly derivative. The movements were redundant, and the worst part of the ballet was that he had “nothing to say”. And example when bad becomes good. The good thing about the work is that it made me happy to not have to see another one of his. The audience in fact, gave a luke-warm reception and stopped clapping. There was a 3 second pause and people started to get up to leave - it was not a standing ovation. At least in the orchestra, they were already leaving.

Ballet Corella Castilla y León, from Spain

Respecting Roots: I was relieved to sees someone finally present an evening of ballet who has integrity and respect for the art form. It didn’t matter that his choreography was cluttered with steps, and more steps - normally for a new young choreographer. His spirit of joy and respect for the work shinned through. Something more important. It didn’t mater that some of the choices of what works to present were old fashioned. Old-fashioned and respecting history are two different things. Respect is an obsolete word. Congratulations for not throwing the baby out with the bathwater - and having integrity.
Cultural Roots: The best moment was the duet by Maria Pages by he and his sister, a well-known Flamenco dancer.

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