Monday, May 4, 2009

Hip Hop Dance Theater - Sadler's Wells

Just got back from an International Hip Hop festival held at Sadler's Wells in London created by Artistic Director Jonzi D -
I directed a piece for Mr. Wiggles called Gettomade: A Journey Thru Time. He wrote all the lyrics and music - and the piece is a part of a larger show that I am working on called IN THE MIX. Anyway, what a great surprise to see all the inventive work being showcased - and a new dance genre at that.....Hip Hop Dance Theater. Some of the pieces were based on Hip Hop moves that have codified into its own vernacular...others mixed various types of contemporary dance with Hip Hop. There was always more than one element with the dances....some pieces had props being used in interesting ways, others had acrobatics. One piece had a 3-d film....Star Wars meets X-Man....and the audience all had 3-d glasses. The dance and the film related of course, or tried to, and the audience was entertained and thrilled. The good thing is that all this great work is being made in Europe with an outlet to support it. The bad thing is that Hip Hop started right here in the Bronx and there is nothing in the states that has the same kind of support or outlet for work. A new dance form - one that has become international - whose roots are American with living pioneers still around - and it is popular and appreciated in other countries more than this one. And for the "art" of what it is and can further be, not simply the commercial aspect of how the form is exploited. Ironic.

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