Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vision and Relevancy


In dance, in theater, in the roots of entertainment. The scariest thing is not to see a future. How can one have vision if they are afraid to see? Vision, be it personal or organizational, requires looking. In an arts organization the mission is the identity -- an organization that produces dance; but the character or real vision of that organization is defined by the "artist" -- who with vision, creates a distinct product. This is done by artists employed, programs done, collaborative endeavors sought. Speaking ballet, its is hard to find any distinction today. All companies are doing the same works. All follow the model Robert Joffrey set in motion - eclectic. Communities support the arts in proportion to their readiness. But, whats new? Whats new are works that evoke our time. Vision sees what is not there but the case today is that either those in charge don't have vision, or if they do, that vision is controlled by the limitations of the boards who hire them. Vision is connected to relevancy and relevancy is connected to topic of the human experience in relationship to those social, political or psychological experiences of the current times. With globalization - the unity of all forms has been set in motion. Works of ross-pollination, cross-genre, cross-media, collaborative fusion, blending and merging, are all relevant. Sameness emerge out of differences. Vision is intuitive - look around. Relevancy borrows from the old and blends it with the new or presents the known given in a different setting......Be, Stomp, Blast, De La Guarda, Do Jump, Thwak, Drumstruck, Riverdance, Contact, Movin' Out, Edward Scissorhands, Baz Luhrmann's "La Boheme", Broadway Underground, In the Heights, Spring Awakening, Absinthe.....

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