Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Tap Show

A Tap Show at the Kitchen:

1. Opening number: 3 ladies come out onto the tap platform in unflattering costumes - a kind of black unitard only - the left leg is in clown white making them physically unattractive. Each had their hair up and tied in a knot. The choreography consisted of tap steps done in the same spot -- never moving forward or back, to the left or to the right - or back to front. They just danced straight front for the duration.

2. Next a horn player appeared, behind a little scrim on Stage Left with his silhouette on Stage Right. Someone else was reciting a poem while he played music.....something about the heart.....that felt artificial. The horn player played for about 30 seconds more after the text stopped.

So far, I have no idea what the piece is about.

3. Then the 3 ladies come back and do another Tap routine that looked exactly like the first one....which is followed by one of them doing a Solo

5. Then the Horn player is back - in the same place, and we hear more spoken text about something - something about "showing those other musicians" how to do it....not sure what it meant...

6. Then the 3 ladies come back again - they had all black (unitard) on with some odd Fringe pieces attached. This time they did 2 numbers that looked like the first one.

7 Then the Horn player came back again - and the speaker had more unclear text....where did the text come from? What was it about? Who was it about? Why were we hearing that particular text? What time period did it come from? Why do we want to care? Oh dear, we don't care!

8. Finally one of the girls comes out and does a really fun and quirky solo. Followed by the other two girls in solo’s meaning to show off their skills.

Not sure if the Horn player came back again because I was checking by Blackberry for messages. There used to be open sides and an open back on the sides of the seating scaffolding at the Kitchen -- where you could climb down and slip out unnoticed...but not now. Drat!

As I looked up, the girls were back doing another “same” routine, followed by the Horn player doing more of his same.... the text said something about Bebop

10. Two more routines for the ladies (the same) wearing feathers and black shinny tights.

I still don't know what the piece is about, or if it is just supposed to be a recital for 3 female tap dancers.

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