Sunday, December 20, 2009

NCI: Art vs. Entertainment

I recently did a choreography workshop with NCI (National Choreography Initiative), created by Molly Lynch which is something we need more of in the dance world (workshops to develop material). I decided to do a piece about the process of doing a piece - something I've always wanted to do. And indeed it served as a seed for a larger project. Each day I decided to chisel out some time to talk with the dancers - to ask questions about things like.....why they danced, magic moments in theater, something Michelle Obama said at an ABT gala (that it is important to support the arts because they breed creative thinkers, and we need need creative thinkers more than ever now to solve the problems of the world); intuition, dance on television and so on. These great group of dancers came from ballet companies all over the country. Then the question of what was art popped up.....vs. entertainment. I love that question. In whatever medium creative artists are making work, it is all entertainment. Art is often rough around the edges and not in a neat tidy box. But what makes the more clear distinction about what is "art" boils down to what you take home with you. What you remember. What lives in your memory forever. That's art. The other is fun for the moment and easily forgettable.

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