Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is Bad Good?

Is Bad Good?
Today in the performing arts or any form of entertainment, something is considered "good" if it actually makes it to the stage and gets presented. People are a lot less critical about the quality of what they see, if it has a message at all, or if it is actually fact "good". No one knows anymore. On one hand it is hard to create something of meaning in today's climate of pick-up companies and lack of rehearsal time in larger companies. Allowing, for the natural birthing process to emerge more flowered results.
The challenge to create cohesiveness when working in a fragmented way is impossible. Because choreographers write with bodies - the subtle poetic messages meant to be artistically communicated -- through the body -- never gets heard. This higher-minded message that is Felt vs. intellectually realized, is missing. And it is missing because Process is missing. And it is missing because of lack of funds. And lack means there is no heart in the art..... which can only emerge through process. Art reflects life, and life is process.

All the more so in dance, where the work is physical not mental. The real work need happen in the studio on bodies. Dancers too suffer - they learn something, perform it and break. Not enough rehearsal time for the body to transcend the physicality of the steps, in order to get to the higher realm of artistic communication.

Back in the day, my day, no one got injured. Performing was a sacred experience, the studio a holy place. Good emerged out of what was authentic, real, felt on a soul/gut level, spiritual even. Now what is bad is considered good, and there is no turning back.

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