Sunday, December 20, 2009

Choreographer or Movement Specialist?

What is a choreographer? I have a hard time assigning that word to both George Balanchine, and someone who does moves for a Gap commercial. Just as there are labels being created within the dance world to define genres of (and the various styles within)...."concert dance", "theater dance", "commercial dance" (which I find insulting that the ballet and modern world seem to have shrunk to a combined non-populist form called "concert dance"). I think there should be labels for types of dance creativity:
Why I would feel better if new labels were invented.....because anyone is a choreographer in the true sense of the word as long as the body does steps and those steps move in space. Movement is inherent in everyone. All cultures have their own indigenous dance forms (what is ours....Square Dancing?). And, when we get to professional dance - where people are paid to create in dance -- 1 or 2 minutes of dance movements on TV, does not require the same same talent, skill, dance history, dance education, dance talent or vision as creating a full-length ballet.

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