Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burn the Floor

Whatever you think this show might be in your head, that is what it is. Nothing new, all been done before. They do deliver a fast-paced slick presentation of it all though, hence "burning up the floor" but the 1st act is like the 2nd act and they could have done 70 min. with no intermission to be even more impressive. No big flashy lifts though like you saw in Swing. A more contemporary spin with drumming and tennis shoes. Though it wasn't bad, this review I found kind of sums it up:


Let's call it "So You Think You Can Step It Up and Dance Your Ass Off With the Stars of America's Best Dance Crew." While ballroom blitz "Burn the Floor" has been touring internationally for 10 years, its arrival on Broadway clearly aims to cash in on the resurgent popularity of dance on television reality shows. But if you're going to invade the turf of Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and Michael Bennett, you need to bring something beyond adrenaline and aggressive sizzle. Something like grace, style or wit. While there's only about 15 ounces of collective body fat onstage, there's also about 15 ounces of imagination.

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